Projected Digital Images (PDI) Round 2

PDI Round 2

Date: 26 October 2017

Judge: Steve Lawrenson

Improvers Class

Title Photographer Mark
Orangery Chris Murray 20
Yay! Cheryl Morris 20
Wall of Peace Chris Murray 20
Ightham Mote Chris Murray 19
Pure Gold in Greenwich Cheryl Morris 19
Early Morning Sunbathing Paul Tipping 18
A view to a hill James Lamb 16
Cromer Pier Madeleine Lehane 16
The light at the end Jude Simpson 16
Sunny afternoon stroll Julie Langman 16
Walking the Dog Paul Tipping 16
A candle in the wind Jude Simpson 15
Snapshot in scarlet Julie Langman 15
You Are Not Listening Brian Davies 15
Taking on water James Lamb 15
Gap of Dunloe Madeleine Lehane 15
Battle Weary Cheryl Morris 14
Blowing in the Wind Madeleine Lehane 14
Sky Hunter Brian Davies 14
chains to freedom Jude Simpson 14
Sun Worship Julie Langman 14
Second Home Paul Tipping 14
Flutes and Oboe Brian Davies 13
Net at the ready James Lamb 12

Advanced Class

Title Photographer Mark
Crepuscular Rays Paul Lehane 20
Book worm Vera Stevens 20
Crested Lark With Food Czech Conroy 20
Chips n Dip Paul Whitmarsh 20
Railtracks Paul Lehane 20
Room with a view Vera Stevens 20
Butterfly Alighting Czech Conroy 19
Lunch Steve Jones 19
Farmhouse Door Betty Deshmukh 18
Paddle Boarder Paul Lehane 18
antique road show Horst Schlweinski 17
Hat and Hand Val Bluck 17
Morning frost Vera Stevens 17
Orange wall and door Betty Deshmukh 17
Coming in to land Allan Murrell 16
Coastline through the Reeds Betty Deshmukh 16
Art in the Castle Val Bluck 16
Palm sunrise Allan Murrell 16
RESTING Bob McCoy 16
Surf’s up Allan Murrell 16
Welcome to Montrose Czech Conroy 16
Turbo Boost Greg Gillies 16
Baubles Paul Whitmarsh 15
Proxy sunset Greg Gillies 15
artist unknown Horst Schlweinski 15
Chinese Dancers Steve Jones 15
Dusky Purple Paul Whitmarsh 15
That Sinking Feeling Val Bluck 15
I’m not sharing Greg Gillies 14
At the Beautician Steve Jones 14
back at work Horst Schlweinski 14