​At the end of the Zoom meeting on 4 February there was a discussion amongst  those who stayed on about themed competitions and whether images previously entered in any club competitions should be allowed. And the overall opinion was that it should not.

The purpose of themed competitions is primarily to encourage members to look for new and original opportunities for their photography. However, Covid-19 restrictions severely limit these opportunities and it was agreed at the ECM last Wednesday that it is only fair that images fitting the criteria that have been taken in the past should be permitted. Those previously entered in competitions however could be perceived to give an unfair advantage and will not be allowed.

What’s on Soon

Tuesday 16 February 

Shrove Tuesday – also known as Pancake Day

Wednesday 17 February 

We are in the SLF plate final on 17th February. If anyone wants to watch please let Julie ( know and she will forward the Zoom link to you.

Thursday 18 February

PDI Competition on the theme of Movement to be judged by Keith Evans FRPS DPAGB

Thursday 25 February 

Presentation by Chris Upton entitled  “Essential Composition”

It is also hand in for Mono PDI Competition round 2. Send images to Brian (PDI secretary) on or before 25 February.

Changes to Programme

Please see attached but the changes are

18 March from Images of Bromley to Still Life

1 April from Long Exposure to I Didn’t Know Lightroom could do that

Zoom Meetings

Zoom meetings have been pre-booked until further notice at 7:45pm. If you have deleted Greg’s email containing the login codes I can let you have them. For security reasons I don’t want to add them to this Newsletter.

Treasurer/Membership Secretary

At our September 2021 AGM the Committee will have a vacancy for the role of Treasurer and Membership Secretary. These roles are currently combined into a single one but if anyone would be interested in taking on either or both of these roles could you please speak to a Committee member. The current Treasurer would be willing to shadow you for the first year. 

Hold Still at National Portrait Gallery

You may remember this was a community project that invited people from all over the country to submit images that captured a nation in lockdown. By logging in to you can view the final 100 images that were chosen.

PAGB e-News No. 275 extra

To read the latest issue, please click on this link You can also view back issues by entering the site.

It may be worth looking at their website for lectures. You will need to register for them but they are free.

By way of example on Saturday 20 February Lindsay Adler will be talking about “The Art of Stylized Portraiture”. On Tuesday 23 February Glenys Garnett will talk on “Creative Photographic Techniques”. Also on 23 February there is the RPS SE London Monthly Meeting, online.