What’s on at the Club Tonight

Tonight Peter Warne will give his presentation entitled “Wildlife of Epping Forest”. It is also hand in for the Kerri Cup competition. This is a one-class competition for prints, which have been taken on a Club outing. You may enter up to 4 images provided the image has not been previously entered into this competition or the Steinberger Cup. The qualifying outings were detailed in full in last week’s Newsletter.


What’s on this weekend and soon

Unseen City: Martin Parr – Guildhall Art Gallery, 4 March to 31 July

As City of London photographer-in-residence since 2013, Martin Parr has been granted unprecedented access to high-profile occasions where guests have included Her Majesty The Queen and dignitaries. The resulting images offer a new perspective on the City of London and create a significant documentary record of its colour and character for years to come.


Fourth Plinth at Trafalgar Square: Hans Haacke

Sunday 6 March is the last day you’ll be able to admire Hans Haacke’s ‘Gift Horse’. At four metres high, the commission mimics its neighbouring equestrian statue of George IV, but without the royal embellishment.


Annual Exhibition

Just a reminder that hand in for the Annual Exhibition is on Thursday 17 March. Members may enter up to nine images of any subject in each eligible class.

Entries will be divided into the following Exhibition Classes.

EC 1: Advanced Monochrome Prints, EC 2: Intermediate Monochrome Prints

EC 4: Advanced Colour Prints, EC 5: Intermediate Colour Prints

EC 7: Advanced PDIs, EC 8: Intermediate PDIs.

Entry forms can be downloaded here: Entry_Forms_2016


Kent County Photographic Association Annual Exhibition

This is an individual entry exhibition open to Bromley CC members. You may enter up to 15 prints and 15 PDIs in various categories. Entry and payment of entry fees is made online. The fee is basically £2 plus £1 per image for each of prints and PDIs. Closing date is 10 March. Final date for delivery of prints is 11 March. Steve Jones will deliver any prints given to him at our meeting on Thursday 10 March. Further details at www.kcpa.co.uk/news



To those scoring a 20 in Round 3 of the Mono Print Competition.

Intermediate: Jane Upcott’s “View from Kew Bridge” and Jeff King’s “Mother and Child of the Himbas Tribe, Namibia”.

Advanced: Betty Deshmukh’s “Rye Bay” and Vera Stevens’ “Soul Searching”.


Congratulations also to

As all 3 rounds of the Mono Print competition have been completed congratulations go to Jane Upcott who was the winner of the Intermediate class, with Edmund Ault as runner up.

Peter Ergis was winner of the Advanced group with Vera Stevens as runner up.


PAGB e-News No. 137

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