BCC Newsletter – 30 July 2012


  • London From The Rooftops Exhibition, Summer Walk and Meal and PAGB e-news Issue 72 

London From The Rooftops Exhibition

London from the Rooftops is the work of North Londoner, James Burns, who for nearly 10 years has been documenting London’s skyline from the top of the capital’s tallest tower blocks. From the well known landmarks of Central London such as Centre Point and Tower 42, to the lesser known social housing blocks dotted across the city, James’s busy and colourful panoramas are not just pleasing to the eye, they are an aerial tour around the whole of London.

Whether it’s sunrise from Chelsea or sunset from Canary Wharf, these are the views enjoyed daily by the ordinary Londoners who work and live in the city’s high rise buildings. The result of James’s endless pursuit to discover new and unique vantage points is that for the first time ever, these relatively unknown views have all been brought together in a single body of work.

London from the Rooftops’ is a free exhibition of 45 of the best views never exhibited before, which will be of equal interest to Londoners and tourists alike. The London from the Rooftops book will also be available for preview on the opening night and for the duration of the exhibition, however it won’t be available for purchase until later in the year.

The exhibition will run from Wednesday 1st August until Wednesday 22nd August, at theprintspace gallery on 74 Kingsland Road, E2 8DL. The opening night will be on Thursday 2nd August from 7pm-9.30pm and refreshments will be provided! Admission is free


 Summer Walk and Meal

 The plan is to meet in the Toys Hill car park, about 2 miles up Chart Lane from Brasted, at about 2.30 pm on Sunday 19th August and return to the White Hart in Brasted at about 5.30 pm for a meal.

We will need to book a table at the White Hart so can you please let me know if you are joining our walk and meal in advance.


PAGB e-news Issue 72

Please click on this link to see Issue 72 of e-news from the PAGB, which has News from Warwick, the complete list of FIAP Distinction recipients from the 2012 PAGB Application and results and winning photos from the Inter-Federation Print competition.

This issue is already bigger than the author would like at 2MB and may take a little time to download. Please be patient – sometimes it looks like the link isn’t working but e-news is downloading in the background without your system telling you.


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