I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the sun.

The Executive Committee recently met and although the USC has opened it has been decided that we will continue with the Zoom meetings until Christmas, by which time it is hoped that a vaccine will be available and we can more or less go back to normal. The AGM which usually starts the season has been put back to January.

At the AGM we will have a vacancy on our Executive Committee, which would also include the role of Programme Secretary. The programme for 2020/2021 is in place and the current secretary is willing to assist whoever takes on the role. 

I am attaching to this email a programme for the coming season starting on 10 September. This has been adjusted to include all the PDI competitions early in the season and leaving the print ones until we are back at the Club.  As some of the competitions are happening quite soon I will give a bit more info about them.

Thursday 10 September

This will be the three groups of Summer Project presentations.

It is also hand in for the Covid Cup. This is a new cup for up to 3 images per member, selected by the member, from all their entries to the Zoom evenings. These images must have been entered into the various themed categories even if the member did not attend the Zoom meeting but their images were included in the slideshow on the night. None of the images should be edited, or altered, in any way from the way they were entered. PDIs submitted to the PDI Secretary (pdisecretary@bromleycameraclub.org.uk) on or before the date.

Thursday 17 September

Covid Cup to be judged by Paul AdamsARPS DPAGB FDPS

It is also hand in for the Panel Competition. You may remember this was planned for early in the year but because of Covid-19 it was deferred. This will now be a PDI competition. Your panel should consist of 3 to 5 images on the theme of “Elements” and you can enter more than one panel if you wish. This is a one-class competition. PDIs submitted to the PDI Secretary (pdisecretary@bromleycameraclub.org.uk) on or before the date. Late entries may be disallowed.

Thursday 24 September 

PDI Panel Competition to be judged by Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS

Thursday 1 October

Members’ Evening – if any member would like to do a presentation please let the programme secretary know.

It is also hand in for the PDI Competition Round 1. PDIs submitted to the PDI Secretary (pdisecretary@bromleycameraclub.org.uk) on or before the date. Late entries may be disallowed.

Thursday 8 October

PDI Competition Round 1 to be judged by Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB

It is not too late to sign up to join the meetings each week you just need to download an app called Zoom Meetings.  You also need to let Greg (webmaster@bromleycameraclub.org.uk) have a note of your email address. What will then happen is that on Thursday Greg will email you with a meeting invite. If you accept this you will be patched in to all those others who have joined the meeting. You do not have to have your face on the screen, or have your voice heard you can just listen to what is said by the judge. If you would like more info about Zoom please do not hesitate to speak to Brian (pdisecretary@bromleycameraclub.org.uk) and he will be more than willing to talk you through the process. Start time is 8:00pm but you can log in at any time during the meeting.

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